Artist Profiles

Ted Shawn

"Shawn did not merely enrich American dance - He was one of the people who created it." Clive Barnes, The New York Times

Ruth St. Denis

"Ruth St. Denis achieved immortality many years ago, and the real Ruth St. Denis is now living and always will be - a valiant crusader for truth, a constructive force battling for beauty, and a healing power for the betterment of all mankind." Ted Shawn, 1968

Barton Mumaw

"Barton Mumaw is one of the best young dancers of the day by anybody's standards. He dances with that instinctive flair which cannot be simulated or acquired but belongs only to the born dancer." John Martin, The New York Times, 1938

Artist Profiles

"The history is in the air, on the walls, and in the making."
- Annie-B Parson, co-artistic director of Big Dance Theater

The History
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