The School at Jacob's Pillow is a cherished and revered center for professional advancement; the students and faculty are a truly inspiring group of young dancers and master teachers. Donating a full scholarship to a dancer attending The School is a gratifying way for you to be involved in the future of dance, and gifts to the School at any level are appreciated and put to good use. 

Full scholarship support at the $5,000 level gives you the opportunity to meet the student your gift supports, and get to know him or her during their professional program. Scholarship supporters often report that a relationship started over the summer lasts far beyond the season, and that one of the greatest joys of investing in a student scholarship is watching a student succeed as a professional dancer working in the field. If you are interested in observing classes of The School at Jacob's Pillow, click here.

To read our online brochure on scholarship support, please click here. To watch a video about The School at Jacob's Pillow, click here. For more information call Alison Hart at 413.243.9919 x125.

Scholarships for Students

"I have derived tremendous satisfaction from providing scholarship support to students at
The School at Jacob's Pillow. To witness the transformation of talented young dancers into
real artists in a matter of weeks is magical and awe-inspiring."
- Elaine Wolbrom, Scholarship Supporter

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