PillowTalks are a curated series of entertaining and informative discussions with choreographers, writers, filmmakers, and cultural experts. Moderated by Pillow Scholars, PillowTalks provide an excellent opportunity to gain behind-the-scenes insight.

Hour-long PillowTalks are held Fridays at 5pm and Saturdays at 4pm in Blake's Barn (next to the Box Office), and are free and open to the public.

What's Online?
Friday, June 21 at 5pm
This examination of the online dance resource Virtual Pillow includes sneak previews of video content and some unseen rarities, while offering a behind-the-scenes look at the effort to share more of the Pillow Archives online.

Dance Theatre of Harlem Onscreen
Saturday, June 22 at 4pm
A celebration of some of this Dance Theatre of Harlem's most memorable films, from Creole Giselle to Gabrielle Lamb's short feature about the current company, with commentary from Artistic Director Virginia Johnson.

Physical Theatre as Dance
Friday, June 28 at 5pm
An exploration of how the circus and dance worlds intersect, with a look at the "extreme action" originator choreographer Elizabeth Streb and the gravity-defying show LEO (at the Pillow this week) represented by Gregg Parks.

Dancing on Ice
Saturday, June 29 at 4pm
Explore the lyricism and virtuosity of the art form of ice dancing in this retrospective film program of significant moments in ice dancing history, narrated by the founder/director of Ice Theater of New York, Moira North.

Beyoncé and Beyond
Friday, July 5 at 5pm
Since his summer as a Jacob's Pillow student, award-winning choreographer Jeffrey Page has enjoyed wide exposure on television and the concert stage including choreographing for the TV show So You Think You Can Dance and for Beyoncé music videos, and now he's back on faculty at the Pillow discussing it all.

Saturday, July 6 at 4pm
An examination of current online trends in responding to dance--whether via Twitter, online publications, or blogging--and how this differs from traditional dance reviewing, as interpreted by an expert panel.

Balanchine & The Lost Muse
Friday, July 12 at 5pm
Elizabeth Kendall has written a riveting new book about the little-known early chapters in choreographer George Balanchine's life in Russia, and she now shares some of her revelatory discoveries.

B-Girl Looks at B-Boys
Saturday, July 13 at 4pm
Sonia Destri's dynamic choreography is informed by her love for hip-hop and b-boy dance styles, and in this talk she discusses her virtuosic all-male work on view this week in the Ted Shawn Theatre. 

The Essential Tere O'Connor - part of Weekend OUT
Friday, July 19 at 5pm
The New York Times has described Tere O'Connor as an "essential figure" with "fiercely articulated beliefs" and here he shares them in a free-ranging one-on-one conversation with Pillow Resident Scholar Maura Keefe.

Passing It On
Saturday, July 20 at 4pm
Dance is transmitted body to body, and The School at Jacob's Pillow provides the means for this transferal. Guest speakers pay tribute to their past mentors on the Pillow faculty.

Jacob's Pillow Coast-to-Coast
Friday, July 26 at 5pm
Ron Honsa's award-winning Pillow documentary, Never Stand Still, makes its nationwide broadcast debut July 26 on PBS, and we celebrate the occasion with out-takes, anecdotes, and personal appearances in this talk. 

The Movement and Music of Tap
Saturday, July 27 at 4pm
Tap goddess Michelle Dorrance and the musical powerhouse Toshi Reagon discuss the essential relationship between movement and music and talk about their new collaboration, The Blues Project, premiering this week.

Premier Man of Troisieme Étage
Friday, August 2 at 5pm
The man behind 3e Étage, choreographer, director, and Paris Opera Ballet dancer Samuel Murez is a primal force, and here he discusses his fascinating background and adventures in leading this offshoot of the legendary Paris Opera Ballet.

Documenting Diaghilev and Pavlova
Saturday, August 3 at 4pm
Jane Pritchard of London's Victoria and Albert Museum has co-curated an astonishing Ballets Russes exhibit (now showing in Washington), and she discusses it in this talk, along with her new Pavlova book.

Summer Shorts
Friday, August 9 at 5pm
Several short dance films will be screened with commentary by the filmmakers, including two entries from this year's Dance on Camera Festival in New York and other surprises. 

Dancing to Steve Reich
Saturday, August 10 at 4pm
Steve Reich's music has been heard here in dances by Lar Lubovitch, Eliot Feld, Shen Wei and many others, and now O Vertigo Danse Artistic Director Ginette Laurin talks about her approach while screening other examples.

The Art of Promotion
Friday, August 16 at 5pm
An important way to engage audiences, short online dance films are an exciting innovation. Festival videographer Nel Shelby shares her collaborations with ballet star Wendy Whelan while New York City Ballet's Ellen Bar shows her film work as well. 

Carmen, A Gyspy Geography
Saturday, August 17 at 4pm
Ninotchka Bennahum's new book explores Carmen, the female Gypsy character, in all her many guises--in dance, opera, and in the ancient Mediterranean world--and now this dance historian outlines her theories.

Dancers Among Us
Friday, August 23 at 5pm
Photographer Jordan Matter has produced something rare: a best-selling book of dance photography. Here he discusses his astounding images and the magic behind capturing dancers in some incredible real-life moments.

Framing Martha Graham
Saturday, August 24 at 4pm
Martha Graham Dance Company Artistic Director Janet Eilber garners both cheers and criticism for her efforts to make the Graham company's work relevant for today. Here she talks about what she's doing with the company and why.

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