Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis in 1916; photo courtesy Franklin Price Knott Aspen Santa Fe Ballet; photo Rosalie O'Connor
Ted Shawn Theatre; photo Christopher Duggan
Photo Ben Rudick photo Marta Fodor
Photo Christopher Duggan

Welcome to Festival 2016! A quirky, charming company from Germany, the explosive footwork of South American gauchos, inspiring ballet companies from across the U.S., astounding flex dancers from the streets of Brooklyn, and twelve high-flying men from Algeria. This summer, the world of dance is at Jacob's Pillow. 

Plus more live music than ever before, including star string quartets Brooklyn Rider and FLUX Quartet, the vocalists and musicians of Juan Siddi Flamenco, Nicholas Van Young's visionary electronic tap instruments, and outstanding drummers from Argentina, Korea, and Burkina Faso. 

Ticketed performances are only part of the excitement. Each summer, the Festival features more than 200 free performances, talks, exhibits, tours, classes, and more. Visitors can explore the National Historic Landmark grounds, visit The School at Jacob's Pillow, picnic and dine at our on-site restaurants, and more. 

We can't wait to see you this summer. Explore the Festival.


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