Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis in 1916; photo courtesy Franklin Price Knott Aspen Santa Fe Ballet; photo Rosalie O'Connor
Ted Shawn Theatre; photo Christopher Duggan
Photo Ben Rudick photo Marta Fodor
Photo Christopher Duggan
Festival 2016 - this is just the beginning. 

We are thrilled to share these early Festival 2016 announcements. The full 2016 season will be announced in December. 

ASPEN SANTA FE BALLET  This stunning contemporary ballet company is a Pillow audience favorite. They open the season with an East Coast premiere by Spanish choreographer Cayetano Soto and Alejandro Cerrudo's poetic Silent Ghost, among other works.
June 22-26 | Ted Shawn Theatre 

GAUTHIER DANCE  This fabulous company from Germany delighted audiences last season. Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart is back with their signature wit, grit, and top-notch contemporary dances, including Mauro Bigonzetti's tour-de-force Cantata.
July 6-10 | Ted Shawn Theatre 

COMPAGNIE HERVE KOUBI  In their Pillow debut, this company of 12 outstanding male dancers from Algeria and Burkina Faso deliver a jaw-dropping performance in What the Day Owes to the Night, packed with backflips, never-ending head spins, and transcending emotional intensity.
August 3-7 | Ted Shawn Theatre 

DORRANCE DANCE  Michelle Dorrance is now the second Jacob's Pillow Dance Award winner to subsequently receive the MacArthur "Genius" Fellowship. Her company of tap dance stars and musicians return with ETM: Double Down, a surprising, innovative evening of dance and music.
August 10-14 | Ted Shawn Theatre 

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