Education is a key component of Jacob's Pillow's mission and is integrated 
throughout the organization. The Pillow's inclusive atmosphere, international scope and commitment to engagement fosters a unique environment that encourages interaction among artists, students, faculty, scholars and audiences. This commitment reaches beyond the Pillow grounds to schools, universities and organizations, providing dance curriculum for students and teachers and offering support for scholars and fellows.
Education at the Pillow includes the intensive programs of The School at Jacob's Pillow for professional-track dancers; Community Dance classes for all experience levels, and observation and visit opportunities; Curriculum in MotionĀ® residencies in schools; and the Intern Program providing arts administration and technical theatre training. There are also informal, free opportunities offered to each and every visitor to the Pillow: performances on the Inside/Out stage; exhibits; hour-long PillowTalks, Pre-Show and Post-Show Talks; and public access to the treasures of the Archives, including the Pillow Interactive kiosk.


"The lessons and memories that I will take with me from this magical place are nothing but a blessing. I wish that every dancer could experience the Pillow life but for that reason I feel so honored to have been a part of this life-changing community."
- Byron Roman, 2010 Contemporary Program

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